Systematic Review Study

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We are looking for volunteers to participate in a study to identify trends in conducting literature searches to support systematic reviews. Results will help systematic reviewers and information professionals to better plan resources to search and allow a more accurate estimation of time and effort required for the literature search portion of a systematic review. We hope to disseminate results of this study by presentation at a meeting and/or publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

The study is a survey designed to prospectively collect data and will include questions regarding participants’ background, systematic review topic, and specifics on search strategies such as names of resources utilized and time spent searching. The information will be collected at two different time points over the course of several months.

The maximum time required to complete the survey may be 45 minutes. However, most of the information we are collecting is routinely documented during the process of conducting a systematic review. Specific details on the systematic review projects will be kept confidential and survey results will be kept in safe storage. There are no foreseeable risks associated with this project. Your participation is voluntary, and you may withdraw from this project at any time.

Prerequisites: To participate in the study you must currently be involved in a systematic review, or plan to in the near future. However, searching should not have taken place prior to enrollment.

If you are interested in participating, please send an email to Ahlam Saleh at Questions regarding this study should be directed to either Ahlam Saleh or Melissa Ratajeski:

Ahlam Saleh, MD, MLS
Reference Librarian
University of Pittsburgh, Health Sciences Library System

Melissa Ratajeski, MLIS, RLAT
Reference Librarian
University of Pittsburgh, Health Sciences Library System

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