Praise for davidrothman.net

“OMG! I bow to your superior Web wisdom…”

David Pogue, New York Times Columnist

“Unabashed enthusiasm, unfailingly useful links and information…He offers great 2.0 tools and tips for healthcare industry professionals.”

20 Best Health 2.0 Tools for Physicians and Patients
MDNG New Media

“Here’s an excellent example of the usefulness of Medical library blogs. David Rothman has created a custom Google search engine that searches across Medical School Libraries. You can use this to find handouts and other teaching materials from a wide variety of academic medical libraries. Try searching “MDConsult” and you will find several useful links to handouts. The Medical Library Search Engine is at: http://davidrothman.net/medical-library-search-engine/

And while you are there look at some of the other interesting and relevant posts from David’s blog –davidrothman.net. Better yet add his blog to your feed reader and you’ll never miss another post.”[source]

Connie Schardt, AHIP
Medical Center Library
Duke University

“Yesterday, David Rothman of Community General Hospital of Greater Syracuse posted a comment on the advantages of RSS. He may have been too shy to point out his blog and the very cool things he is doing with RSS to keep clinicians informed. Check out this posting and get inspired:

Mark Funk, AHIP
Head, Collection Development
Weill Cornell Medical Library

“I was honored [David] let me post his essay about RSS and medical libraries here at TTW and tickled when he launched his blog.”

Michael Stephens, MLS
Instructor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Dominican University

Tame The Web: Libraries and Technology

“For medical librarians, check out David Rothman…who actually gets the value of RSS feeds for clinicians and delivers useful commentary and information for librarians. If I were in charge of a library, I’d actively recruit David to be on my team. If you’re not a librarian, check out his blog anyway for a peak behind the librarian curtain and a view of the kinds of services you should be getting.”

Rachel Walden, MLIS
Eskind Biomedical Library
Vanderbilt University.

Women’s Health News

“I consider David Rothman the RSS feed advocate for medical libraries. He does so much with RSS feeds and he is constantly looking for instances where they are applicable to medical libraries. When I have an RSS feed question I pick his brain.”

Michelle Kraft MLS, AHIP
Medical Librarian

The Krafty Librarian

I’m delighted to see the impressive and indefatigable David Rothman on the list. LJ highlights Rothman’s LibWorm, which is indeed a very handy aggregator and search engine for RSS feeds in in Libraryland. As a library professional in a academic medical library, however, I rely heavily upon Rothman’s excellent blog to keep me current about all things pertaining to “Medical Librarianship and Web Geekery”

Martha Hardy
Bio-Medical Library, University of Minnesota
The Vital Library

“I’m not even a medical/health science librarian and I’m fascinated by the work y’all are doing.”

Meredith Farkas, MSW, MLIS
Distance Learning Librarian
Norwich University

Information Wants To Be Free

“…you are doing really great and valuable work.”

Mary Carmen Chimato, MLS, MSIS
Head of Access Services
Health Sciences Library of Stony Brook University

“…your blog is always interesting, really look forward to your posts.”

Rebecca Jerome, MLIS, MPH
Assistant Director, Eskind Biomedical Library
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, TN

“I always talk about your blog because I’ve found it useful and interesting. So, I’ll take this opportunity to say a big thank you for your blog! Keep writing!”

Donna Berryman, MLIS
Outreach & Education Coordinator
New England Region, NN/LM

“Your Blog seems to have caught the eye of quite a few people…your efforts have opened a lot of eyes about the possibilities of setting up RSS feeds directly for end users, resulting in encouraging greater investigation of and participation in electronic delivery on the part of the patron. I will be following your Blog with great interest”

Mike Chartrand
Library Technician
Hunter-Rice Health Sciences Library
Samaritan Medical Center

“You have a great blog with many useful comments, links and lots of original content. I really enjoy reading it. Keep up the good work.”

Ves Dimov, MD
Director, Web-based Medical Education
Section of Hospital Medicine, Cleveland Clinic
Clinical Cases and Images

“I LOVE your blog–I get so much info from it. If others aren’t reading it, it’s their loss.”

Judith A. Siess
President, Information Bridges International, Inc.
OPL Plus

“You post so many new and amazing things it makes my head spin. I wish I had more time to investigate and implement even a 1/4 of the things you’ve discovered…We’ve been using your Consumer Health Federated Search Engine [link] via Google. It’s great! I don’t worry about the quality of the results like I would doing a wide-open Google Search. You’ve included the sources we all know and love. Thanks for putting that together. It’s a tremendous service to consumer health librarians and their patrons (professional or lay-level)..”

Michele Matucheski, MLS, AHIP
The Clark Family Health Science Library
Mercy Medical Center – Affinity Health System

“David Rothman finds the most interesting things to share on his blog. He writes about and gives real-life examples of web2.0 and library2.0 put to use in health sciences libraries. Many of the ideas and applications he flags have wider applicability outside the health sciences. Well worth the read if you’re interested in what HSL2.0 might look like.”

Jane Blumenthal, MSLS, AHIP
Director, Health Sciences Libraries, University of Michigan
Health, Science, & Libraries

“…I really value your blog, it’s one of the blogs that I look at on a daily basis to see if there is anything that our journal editors might find useful or if there is anything that we could adapt to make our online journals better.”

Helen King
Web Product Manager – Nature Clinical Practice
Nature Publishing Group

“I love your blog and it has proven to be invaluable to me in learning how technology can be used in the medical library world. Thank you!”

Felicia Vastalo
User Education/Reference Librarian
Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries