Jun 16

Weekend Off-topic: Worst Children’s Book Ever

This awful thing was pointed out to me by my friend James Alexander, who has a remarkable ability to find and share entertainingly awful things. For your horror and amusement, we present LATAWNYA, the Naughty Horse, Learns to Say “No” to Drugs.

(Some language in the comments is not entirely suitable for some workplaces.)

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May 24

Writing one novel…per month

Okay, it is a little off-topic, but too cool not to mention.

Fritz Bogott is a friend from our days in St. Paul who always impressed me with his intelligence, generousity, sense of humor and creativity. A generally quiet man, he also has great taste in loud music.

Sure, it was cool to watch Jonathan Coulton produce a Thing a Week (check him out if you haven’t yet), but Fritz is launching a project to write a novel each month.

Starting June 1, I will write a novel a month for a year and blog about the experience, with able assistance from illustrator and animator Mozhi.

I will start with a plot suggested by my three-year-old daughter, who told me a story one evening about a family of mechanically-inclined trolls who travel to our house each night in cars and buses, break in using wrenches, ladders and WD-40, and subject us to a series of complicated practical jokes.

The second plot is based upon a dream in which my long-estranged great uncle demands to meet me at a Pismo Beach-themed restaurant and hands over a fifty-year-old postcard in which the anonymous sender promises to kill him in exactly fifty years. This is the first I have heard of it. He seems to think I will be able to help.

In the third plot, the entire U.S. intelligence establishment is outsourced to a reality show.

You gotta’ love it. Just his chutzpah alone is worth celebrating.

Check out Novel-a-Month and subscribe to its feed.

If you like the sound of his first three novels, tell someone else (who probably also likes Vonnegut, Robbins, and/or Christopher Moore).

Good luck, Fritz- I’ll be reading and cheering from here.

May 11

Friday Fun: A bit of Fry and Laurie, Library Sketch

A scene from A Bit of Fry and Laurie:

Embedded flash video above. If you are reading this in an aggregator, you may need to visit to the site to view the video.

I continue to be surprised how many fans of House, MD hadn’t previously heard of Hugh Laurie (or the wonderful Stephen Fry).

Wikipedia: A Bit of Fry and Laurie
BBC Guide to Comedy: A Bit of Fry and Laurie

Feb 16

My Name is Dotty

The NBC sitcom My Name is Earl broadcast an episode this season called Buried Treasure in which voice-over narration kept switching from character to character. For each switch, a gentle parody of the show’s opening sequence was created. Dotty, the town’s librarian, was a supporting character in the episode and got this treatment:

You know the kind of woman who seems like the quiet librarian, but when she removes her pencil and lets her hair fall down, she looks all wild and sexy?

[sigh] I wish that was me.

My name is Dotty…

Click here for similar moments for other characters in the same episode.

Feb 12

Correct Use of the Word: “Shushing” or “Shhhing”


A member of the list asked:

“When used in the written format, would you use ‘shhhing’ or ‘shushing’ – I have seen it used both ways.”

Responses included:

  • ‘Shushing’ is aptly used here —
  • Surely it depends upon what you’re actually saying. If you’re saying “Shhh” then it’s “Shhhing”. If you’re saying “Shush” (pronounced shoosh) then it’s shushing.
  • …have come to the conclusion it’s Shhhing.
  • A quick Google shows that ‘shushing’ is the preferred option, but I don’t have an English grammar to hand

But here’s my absolute favorite response:

I’m intrigued as to the context in which you’d actually want it written down…. Perhaps a memo to Purchasing: “To avoid excessive shhhing by staff, please find attached an order for 144 chloroform-soaked handkerchiefs…” ?

Thanks to anonymous for sending this my way. 🙂

Feb 08

March of the Librarians

They come to learn, network, collect free stuff, and possibly to mate…

Short documentary film parody of March of the Penguins about the natural behavior of Librarians as they instinctually gather together twice annually.

Shot at ALA MidWinter 2007 in Seattle and put together with obvious care and good humor by Nick Baker.

Although I am myself bearded, I had a good laugh at the “facial plumage” line.

Feb 06

Jedi Librarian (Updated)

My favorite part (excerpted with the help of Gotuit SceneMaker):

If you enjoy that, you might enjoy the entire nine minutes:Good lord….here’s what I get for Googling Jedi Librarian:

There ARE librarians in the universe of the Star Wars films.

Jocasta Nu, Jedi Librarian
Yaddle, Head of Librarians’ Assembly
Wookiepedia entry on Jedi Librarians
Wookiepedia entry on Jedi Library
Wookiepedia entry on GREAT Jedi Library
Wookiepedia category: Libraries