Aug 20

MedLib Blog Badge at I’m Feeling Lucky

I’m Feeling Lucky is written by Brandi Tuttle, an Information and Education Services Librarian at the Duke University Medical Center Library. Brandi writes: I’m Feeling Lucky grew out of a discussion with my husband (who’s also a librarian). We were … Continue reading

Aug 08

MedLib Blog Badge at MGAS nieuws

Jens De Groot’s MGAS nieuws is normally in Flemmish/Dutch, but an English-language version (which seems NOT to be machine-translated) is also available. MGAS News is the weblog of the Campus Library Biomedical Sciences (MGAS) of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium). … Continue reading

Jul 23

MedLib Blog Badge at Laika’s MedLibLog

This blog was started as part of the online course SPOETNIK on NEW (web 2.0) internet communication methods for librarians. I will not only blog the course exercises but will also write about Medical Information, Medical Libraries, PubMed, the Cochrane … Continue reading

Jun 16

MedLib Blog Badge at Health, Science & Libraries

For a while there, Jane Blumenthal had me worried that she was going to quit blogging. Jane is the Director of the Health Sciences Libraries at University of Michigan and I’m really glad she changed her mind- I’d like to … Continue reading

Mar 26

MedLib Blog Badge at Info.RxCases

Info.RxCases is a “companion to a new health information service that is being offered to patients and their families at the Herzl Family Practise Centre in Montreal, Quebec.” Blogger Francesca Frati (previously mentioned here) writes: The Patient health Information Service … Continue reading

Jan 13

MedLib Blog Badge at Patient Education Matters!

“Patient Education Matters!” is a bi-weekly e-newsletter for the staff and volunteers of Inova Health System. The “Patient Education Matters!” blog is an abridged version of this publication available to the general public. Why is David always on about this … Continue reading

Dec 13

MedLib Blog Badge at Staying Well. Connected.

The librarians at the UT Health Science Center San Antonio have recently rolled out a new blog called Staying Well. Connected. This blog is a project of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Library. Its purpose … Continue reading

Nov 16

MedLib Blog Badge at Info Long-Term Care

Laurie Blanchard, B.A., MLS, a librarian at the University of Manitoba’s J.W. Crane Memorial Library, writes Info Long-Term Care, a “Current Awareness Service for health care practitioners in long-term and geriatric care.” While you’re checking out her blog, take Laurie’s … Continue reading

Oct 30

MedLib Blog Badge at Google Scholar Blog

I think that Dean Giustini’s Google Scholar Blog was the first MedLib blog I ever subscribed to- so I’m pretty tickled that it now features the MedLib Blog Badge on its sidebar: Why is David always on about this badgey … Continue reading

Sep 06

MedLib Blog Badge at OrgMonkey

According to her blog, OrgMonkey, “Marie Kennedy is the Head, Metadata & Content Management at the Norris Medical Library of the University of Southern California. This blog is about organization, medical librarianship, and sometimes monkeys and/or bananas.” In my book, … Continue reading

Aug 30

MEDLIB Blog badge at EBM & CSL @ UCHC

See, I had to abbreviate the name of the blog in post title because the blog’s real name, EBM and Clinical Support Librarians@UCHC, just wouldn’t fit properly in the title field. Kathleen Crea’s new blogging effort for the Lyman Maynard … Continue reading

Aug 01

Two more appearances of the MedLib Blog Badge

Shelved in the W’s (Mark Rabnett): Only Connect! (Mark Funk): Why is David so into this badgey stuff? Previously, I’ve noted the following blogs that display the MedLib Blog badge in their sidebars: Women’s Health News The Krafty Librarian OMG … Continue reading

May 15

Three More Blogs Displaying the MedLib Blog Badge

Three more blogs are displaying the MedLib Blog and therefore merit mention. First is the previously mentioned anonymous blog from “Ratcatcher,” OMG Tuna is Kewl. As promised, she added the badge: (I’ll take this opportunity again to mention that Ratcatcher … Continue reading

Jan 17

Update: Badge-Wearin’ MedLib Blogs

Previously, I’ve noted the following blogs that display the MedLib Blog badge in their sidebars: Biomedbiblog Clinical Evidence, Searching Tidbits, and Other Minutiae DigiCMB JMLA Case Studies in Health Sciences Librarianship medinfo Professional Notes Women’s Health News I noticed a … Continue reading